Do Bloggers Really Need Article Marketing?

We all have heard of article marketing. We use it for building backlinks, increasing sales, marketing product, popularizing stuff, creating a strong creditability and what not! but if I am a blogger, do I really need to market my content on article directories as I already have my blog to do it?

Article marketing for bloggers

Article Marketing for Bloggers

Well, the answer would be yes! I have already mentioned what all benefits you may gain out of this strategy but if you know how it does just the thing you want then here are some points to explain that :

1. Targeted Traffic

Since the traffic that you receive is from a page that is directly related to your blog/page you would be getting the kind of traffic that has a very high potential to get converted into customers.
So, for me, article marketing would be a great way to generate sales and obtain long-term customers.

2. Backlinks

All you need to do to get a strong backlink from a high PR directory like EzineArticles is to write a 250-word article and submit it to the directory. If you think that it is too much of a hassle for you, then you can try article spinners that can help you get done with the work with just a click.

If you have decided to resort to spinning articles then I would suggest you read this article on manual spinning as it is more effective than automated spinning.

3. Build Creditability, Authenticity, and Readers

People which belong to your niche may not know about the value you may be holding for them as they would not have been exposed to your blog till now.

And here is where article marketing comes into action, it not only gets you new readers but also builds up your social profile as a great author and an expert in your field.

I think these three tips are more than enough to consider article marketing as a great strategy to build up your blog and yourself as a successful blogger.