5 Ways to Build Natural Backlinks for Your Website

Getting backlinks is a tough job and getting them naturally is one of the toughest challenges faced by bloggers. Natural backlinks help a great deal to improve your Domain Authority/Page Authority and overall search engine rankings. Well, here I will discuss 5 easy and effective ways to build natural backlinks for your website.

How to Build Natural Backlinks?

How to build natural backlinks

1. Interviews

Interviewing famous bloggers is a great way to gain backlinks from their blogs. This not only increases your backlinks but adds great content value to your blog and can drive a large amount of traffic. Try to interview bloggers who do not already have a lot of interviews as then they tend to link their interview from their blog and help you build up strong backlinks.

2. Create a list of bloggers

Well bloggers like me do love getting mentioned in lists like Blogs using Top commentators plugin or List of Dofollow blogs. Otherwise, you can create a list of your favorite bloggers with a little background description and a link.

If you list about 10 blogs I think you’ll be able to get around 4-5 linkbacks to that post.

3. Write content which can be linked to

Well, writing quality content is not just enough to get it linked by another blogger in their blog posts. You need to create posts which offer some vital information which is known by few and bloggers would not hesitate linking to the blog post in their articles.

4. Article marketing

Article marketing is a great way to get backlinks as there are tons of High PR article directories( Like Ezine articles ) where you can submit your articles and insert a link or two to your blog/website.

5. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a well-known way to build up quality backlinks and more importantly relationships with other bloggers. Every blogger likes to receive guest blogs and writing quality content not only gives great branding to your blog but also gives exposure to you and shows the readers the quality of content they should expect from you.