How to Choose Best Domain Name for Website?

When you think of starting a blog or website the first thing that should come to your mind is the niche or the subject and the second thing that comes to your mind is “how to find best domain name“ or “what is the best domain name for my business”. Now, this question seems to be very simple and straightforward but the answer is not that simple. The domain name will signify your blog/website and its permanent its not like the blogging platform, the host or the theme which can be changed later even when you have built up something out of your blog. So, you must know how to choose best domain name for website/blog. This article is all about that.

Buying perfect domain name

How to Choose Best Domain Name?

Hence it is of utmost importance to choose perfect domain name and here are a few tips on choosing the perfect one:

1. Signifies your niche

Your domain name should make it clear that what your site or your blog is about. Integrating a few keywords into it would help you rank higher in search engines and thus help you reach the right audience. But just don’t stuff your domain name with keywords keep it as simple as you can.

2. Short and easy to remember

Short domain names are easy to remember and spell. Word of mouth is the best kind of promotion that you can have and if your domain name contains tricky alphabets and spelling then its gonna prove to be bad for your promotion. Moreover, everybody knows how lazy people are, they would find the trouble to write a long URL and reach out your blog well.

Do no use fancy text like replacing ”E” with ’3′ or “late” with ‘L8′, these can be a bit tricky and confusing for your visitors. Not only this, the search engines like Google can assume your domain name to be a type error and lower its preference towards your domain.

3. Maximize your traffic

Well the above two tips describe the possible errors you can do when buying a domain name and how not to do them and now I’m gonna share some more cool tips on getting the traffic that you would have been missing due to some unattended mistakes.

a) Buy all the popular extensions of your domain name if your budget allows. I mean we can take Problogger as an example, Darren owns all the popular extensions of ProBlogger and he uses them for different purposes all related to blogging.

b) Buy the domains having the most common typo errors and then redirect that domain to your main domain in order to make it easier for your visitors to reach your site.

I hope, you got the answer how to find best domain name. If you like the post, please share the content on social media.


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