7 Effective Ways to Get Blog Followers and Subscribers

First and the foremost, it is the blog content that makes all the difference and helps a reader distinguish between an average blog and an A-lister. Undoubtedly, it is the subscribers that stand next to the row. Hence, subscribers need to be valued and ways and means discovered to attract more and more of the subscribers to see your blog as a successful one.

Ways to Generate More Blog Subscribers

How to get blog followers and subscribers

Here are some simple yet effective styles which when put into effect can draw in more and more of the subscribers for your blog:

1. A Beautiful Bait

This is possible wherein the email subscriptions are tied to autoresponders. Otherwise, the subscriber would not be in receipt of the bonus meant for him/her.

A free ebook, an e-course or for instance a report can make the most beautiful of bonuses just right to please the subscribers.

2. A Key Page

Bringing a page into existence for just the subscribers only is also a good idea. As a next step, the traffic for the page could be obtained from the blog itself or from other effective sources.
Bonuses can do the best job of increasing sign ups if measures are taken to put the page on a special URL of its kind.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging though may appear eccentric yet is effective! Giving original content to others’ blog is indeed a good idea though it may seem a foolish deed initially.

And why not when it will help you win recognition for your blog as well as subscribers! However, make it a point to make clear to the owner of the blog that he should help you with a by-line at the later part of the post along with a link back to your own site.

4. Participation in Forums

It is perhaps the best way as it can be traced to the past, as back in time as to the initial days of the Internet. It is the tried and tested means and therefore is certain to produce the desired result.

Select Forums of your kind and try to present yourself as an active and helpful participant loaded with the initiative. It is enough to arouse curiosity among people, who would then certainly turn to your blog to just see what other interesting things you have got to offer through your own blog. Isn’t the idea a wonderful one?

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5. Networking

This too works wonders in the sense that it is capable of drawing in more and more number of subscribers. The inflow of traffic also increases. Try friendship with the other bloggers without imposing on them an external force such as asking for links.

Instead find out ways and means to make friends with them, for instance, by being helpful to them in one way or the other. The friendship thus made can very well be given the turn of a business relationship. Would there be anyone who would not respond in a positive manner then!

6. Cross-promotional Deals

There indeed shall be several bloggers publishing content related to that of yours. Find out one or two of such bloggers and persuade them into mutually helping each other for a mutual benefit of both.

Then, you both shall promote each others’ blogs by way of RSS feeds via Feedvertising.

Feedvertising provides for the creation of about six rotating links.

The smaller blogs can then promote the other intended blog.In case of larger blogs, even after utilizing one slot for the promotion of a smaller blog they will still have slots left behind which they can utilize in other ways such as to sponsor advertisements and the sort.

7. Be Extra Focussed

Try to select a topic as special as possible and then make the best use of your intellectual and hard work to remain focused on the topic thus selected.

It is equally important to ascertain that there are readers in sufficient number, who can enjoy reading the sort of topic you have chosen.

To sum up, make the best use of your efforts to produce the best content and then try a few or all of the above wonderful ways to draw in more number of subscribers.