3 Ways to Keep Your Blog Post Alive Forever

When website ages your blog posts also become older. A growing blog publishes hundreds of posts every year, therefore, it becomes immensely difficult to revive old blog posts. Is there any way to keep your blog post alive forever.

One day everything gets old including your blog posts! So what is the solution just to discard it or leave as it is? To answer this question, I have listed three ways which you can use to keep your blog post alive forever even when it gets pretty outdated and old.

Tips to Keep Your Blog Post Alive Forever

Make blog post alive forever

1. Redirect old or outdated pages

You can redirect an old blog post to a new post to keep traffic on a worthy page. You should redirect your traffic to that content which has new information about the same topic.

For this, you can use “301 redirects” and send them to the preferred page. This method allows your visitors to stay engaged with the right content and you get the loyal readership.

2. Refer to your old posts for ideas

Well, every blogger at least once ( if not more than once ) is trapped in a situation where he doesn’t seem to get any more ideas. Well if you are in such a state of mind then you should look at your old posts and choose a similar topic to write upon.

Write what changes have come across and you can even link to your old post so that people can relate it to the current conditions.
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3. Link to your old posts

As your blog grows many of your best blog posts may get lost in the crowd and linking to them in your fresh posts is the best way to keep them alive.

Let your readers know about the good old content that exists on your blog. Linking your fresh content to your old content lets your readers compare the difference in the two and let them have a better understanding.

Well if you have some nice gems out there don’t let them die cause they don’t have to. Just take the right steps to let them have the exposure they need to have and you’ll see a significant improvement in all your stats.