How to Manage Duplicate Content and Content Syndication?

In the current scenario, bloggers find it difficult to differentiate between the issue of duplicate content and content syndication. In this post, we’ll be discussing the difference between the two and how to exploit content syndication to your advantage.

What is Content Duplication?

Content duplication refers to the reproduction of the same piece of text either in short blocks or as a whole.

Here are some ways in which Search engines like google can assume your content to be duplicate:

Multiple URLs redirecting to your content.

Content as a part or whole present on more than one location on different domains without a link back to the original content.

Multiple URLs issue

This is one of the common kind of content duplication that takes place. Unknowingly many bloggers practice this by creating archives, categories, and tags.

YES! these 3 things which are available at most all blogs and are considered to be great for giving your readers a nice experience.

Manage duplicate content and content syndication

How to fix this?

It’s really simple to prevent this mistake by adding a nofollow/noindex attribute to your categories, archives, and tags. To simplify this task there are a variety of plugins but the one I use is the Robots Meta plugin.

Content Reproduction

You might be worried about other people copying your content for their pages and this might penalize your page in search engines.

Well, first of all, there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty as claimed by Google. Google indexes all pages but the ones having more value for their readers ranks higher in search results.
Thus, if you find your content copied, just ask the content duplicator to give a link back to the original content and this makes sure that Google knows the original source of the content and your page ranks higher than before as now you would be getting a backlink for your content.

If the copier resists and doesn’t provide a link back, then you can send a warning message and he still doesn’t provide a backlink then you can file a complaint in DCMA.

How to Solve Duplicate Content?

Here are some detailed tips on how to manage your content duplication issues and use them to your advantage :

1. Choose the same URLs: You might be practicing internal linking and if you do make sure you choose the same URL for this purpose.

eg :

These are three different URL and if you link to the same content using all of these then as discussed earlier, you might face the issue of content duplication.

2. Use redirections: If you have moved your blog or restructured your blog then you should consider redirecting your old URL’s to the new ones using 301 redirects.

3. Careful Content Syndication: We will be expanding this topic later so you should read ahead in order to get more information on this subject.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication can be described as a method by which a writer can distribute his/her writing across the internet via various means like feeds, etc.

Content Syndication can prove to be pretty helpful if you want to get higher rankings for your content individually on search engines.But if not done correctly, it can get your rankings down and your syndicated content will rank higher than the original one.

Where to Syndicate?

You can Syndicate your content on various places like Article Directories, Feed directories, social networks, and other content management systems like blogs(WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Squidoo).

How to Syndicate Content Correctly?

Sharing your piece of writing in various places(mentioned above) over the web can help you get your name out there and give the kind of exposure you deserve.

But callous syndication can ruin your original work as your syndicated content stands a higher chance of ranking better than your original content. In order to make sure that you get the credit for your original work and get higher rankings for the desired page, just add a link back to the original content or the content you want to rank for as this will let the search engines and the people know where has the content been syndicated and which page is more relevant.

Well, this was pretty much everything that you would need to get into content management and use your content to get higher rankings and traffic to your blog or get yourself known as a writer.


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