5 Practical Ways How to Use Blog for Marketing

Blogs have emerged as a powerful and practical tool for a very flexible entrepreneurship and time management as per your convenience and that of others.

There are many who are indulged in blogging for years together, some are for hobbies and some are for money. Believe me, your blogs are the best places to promote the things you have.

Some of the best ways and practices to keep your customers always engaged to your products and services are discussed below.

How to use blog for marketing

1. Tell good stories about your products

Stories do not mean the false thing but the fact, what is more, important when you blog about a product, is the reputation of the product around the Internet.

Ultimately a good product will fetch you heaps of visitors and probably many could turn into a very good and dedicated customer.

2. Write product reviews

If you are blogging for your company, then you should be able to write more articles that are rich in keywords and optimized for search engines.

In addition to writing review articles that will help you to promote your product using affiliate programs and make visitors join your affiliate promotions with space for creating unique affiliate links to get promoted.

3. Use blogs as platforms and portals for customer service

Blogs are the best ways to conduct programs, online discussion forums and contests to give away goodies, say an e-book (your product) for every successful entry.

This way you will find that you can promote your blogs for promoting your products and extend a helping hand with before transaction, and after completing the transaction use the blog for providing an excellent customer service transport.

4. Gather Feedback

Have a guestbook or comments column, and a suggestion box online to gather feedback about your services and products, which will be telling what the users liked about your product and what they did not write about your product.

Sometimes you will find yourself that a few dedicated customers will also leave a note of suggestion and comments. Sometimes, you will find an ingenious suggestion that might instigate the promotion of your product.

5. Promote your blog too

Do not forget to advertise your blog and you will find that blogging is a highly efficient one and you need to let everyone know that you have a blog telling more about your products and services.

I believe that personally letting everyone know more about the blog by printing them in all your give away like a business card, gift wrappers, thank you cards, greetings and much more.

This is not enough to only to let everyone know that you are having a business blog in toto but is much more important to tell what you can find in your business blog.

Nevertheless, making your blog interactive in some way that will suit your products is much more impressive, will attract numerous online customers, and promotes your business.