10 Great Ways to Become a Better Writer

Only a few, out of all the people present around us, are proficient writers. It is an art in which only a few excel. Either you are born with creativity or you are not.

You cannot learn to be creative and that is what does the trick by making you different from others present in this field. But only being born with this talent is not enough.

You need a lot of hard work and practice to build upon this talent and sometimes that can be really exhaustive.

Writing is all about being able to communicate with the person reading your write up. Being able to hold the interest of the reader is considered to be the most important aspect of writing.

There are a lot of obstacles in this field but practice helps you in overcoming them all. There are many key points that you require to keep in mind to be a successful writer. Having interesting and relevant content is most important.

How to become a better writer

10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Here certain ways are given below that will help you in improving your writing skills and help you in becoming a successful writer. Definitely you readers will have much more interest after you implement these steps in your write-ups.

1. Write your heart out

Always write from your heart, let it be whatever you are writing. Put in both your heart and soul into what you are writing. Let your readers know exactly how you feel about things and connect with your readers.

2. Reading is the ignition

Reading is as important as practicing writing if you want to be a good writer. Read the pieces of great writers and learn from them. Read what you find interesting and read as much as you want and as much as you can.

3. Write Everyday

The more you will practice the better you will get. Start maintaining a journal or a diary and write daily into it. Let your ideas flow and your words pour.

4. Be Simple

Simplicity is the key to success. Don’t be too formal and write like you are having a general conversation with a friend of yours. Your short sentences and easy words.

5. Planning

Write in a flow is quite important but when it comes to blogging or writing press releases you should follow a plan and schedule else you will end up writing a dull piece of write up.

6. Avoid disturbances

Try to avoid any sort of distraction when you start writing. It is always better to turn off your emails, log out from messengers and keep your cell phone away. Just write when you write.

7. Research thoroughly

It is always better to research deeply about whatever topic you are going to write about. If you do not research well you will not get the required flow to write an amazing piece. Well researched write up is surely going to attract more readers.

8. Play with words

Only great writers use the power of words efficiently. You should have a good vocabulary and know how to use it effectively. It is always better to look up the meaning of words you are not aware of in the dictionary than rather being ashamed. Use suitable words and avoid unnecessarily complicated words.

9. Proof Read & Edit

It has been rightly said by Laurel K. Hamilton that 70% of the first draft you prepare is garbage but 30% is gold. Read your article again, edit it and compare it with the first draft. You will see the change yourself. It’s a disbelief if you think you can write a masterpiece at once.

10. Readability

Write like conversing with your readers rather than being monotonous and wordy. Write in your own natural way and keep your write up simple and interesting for the readers.

There are no fixed rules to be a good writer but above these tips will surely help you a lot.