3 Tricks to Write a Catchy Headline

Catchy headlines are the only effective force that makes your potential reader really read your content. Having great content is a mere waste of time and knowledge if you are not able to design out a compelling headline that makes your visitors click that link.

I wouldn’t say that the headline “How to Write a Catchy Headline” is too catchy, but it was good enough to get you read this post.

Tips to write catchy headlines

How to Write a Catchy Headlines?

Writing catchy headlines is as important as writing good content and a good headline may contain one or all of the following features :
  • Short and catchy
  • Asks a question
  • Creates excitement and curiosity among readers
So, we are specifically looking to create a headline that is short, catchy and appealing to your readers.
The first thing that you need to remember is to make sure that your headline doesn’t deviate from the main topic and revolves around the central idea.

Secondly, use your headline to convey the basic idea of what your readers should expect from you. Design your headline as a question that your readers might be interested in.

Thirdly, take time to design out the perfect headline. Think out two to three headlines that would go with your content and decide which one suits your content the best.

Moreover, including a keyword or two in your headlines can prove to be beneficial for Search engine optimization as well as helps your readers to get the basic idea of the content.

Short Tips:

Give almost half the time that you spent on writing your content to designing your headline and I can assure you that it’s worth it.

Never end your headline in a full stop. I just don’t recommend it.

Answer the question you ask. Pretty confusing? here is an example :

How to xxx that gives xxx.
How to xxx that improves xxx.
Squeeze out the creative juice. Get creative, it doesn’t hurt

Keep capitalization in mind. You don’t need every single letter in CAPs, just the first letter of the first word would do.

Use “How to” when creating a tutorial post.

Concluding each and every point, I would like to summarize them in three simple tips Keep it short, catchy and centered to the basic idea.