How to Build Rapport with Readers?

 Blogging is no longer the realm of enthusiasts and first movers any longer. Nowadays, every technology savvy company maintains a business blog.

Blogging is without any doubt the most convenient and cheapest way to get your message across to the world, and it also gives higher rankings to your website on the SERPs. The following Blog Tips will help you to extract the most out of your blogs.

6 Way to Build Rapport with Readers

rapport with readers

1. Premium Theme

A default site layout is no longer the norm in blogging. Not only does it make your blog look like most of the other generic blogs, but it also indicates your seriousness about the appearance. So Hiring a designer can make quite a lot of difference for your blog by adding aesthetics to it and giving it the ‘believable’ impact.

2. Writing Style

Another useful Blog Tip is to remain consistent with your style of writing and to maintain the same tone throughout the post. This is important since it does not break the link of the reader.

3. Unique Logo

Displaying your own logo will help tremendously in creating recognition for your page. So you should hire a designer or hold a logo contest and choose the best logo for your site.

4. Grammatical Errors

Audiences are uncomfortable reading through run-on sentences. Hence, it is always better to use proper grammar, otherwise, readers will stop trying to understand what is being written in the content.

5. Short Paragraphs

Also, Short paragraphs are always a better option while trying to make your point. It helps the readers to keep their attention for long enough. Like in this blog post I have divided the post into short paragraphs.

6. Interesting Media

Last but not least, trying to give unique offerings on your blog, like daily pictures, quotes, comics could help the readers to remember you better but this offering should be according to your blog niche and not just random!

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