4 Bad Link Building Strategies That Can Penalize Your Website

  Link building is a process by which we can get high rankings in search engines. But as per changing trends, some of the bad link building strategies which were once considered to be great have outdated and moreover can get you penalized if practiced. Bad Link Building Strategies 2019 Here are 4 of these link building strategies that you must avoid in order to maintain your rankings in search engines: 1. Link Exchanges Bloggers like me no longer recommend practicing link exchanges. Link exchanges can often appear to be spammy to search engines if the links aren’t from a similar niche. Instead of Link exchanges, we can write give out links legally by creating a post reviewing the site to be linked. This not only makes your links legitimate but moreover, adds value for your readers too. Read more: What is link exchange in SEO? 2. Unnecessary blog commenting Commenting unnecessarily for links may not get you the benefit you are seeking for but this might lower your value in the eyes of p

3 Tips on How Get Traffic on Your Blog

 The blog is always known for its traffic statistics (Alexa Rank, SEMrush Rank, and Ahefs Rank) and by its SEO aspect. Who would love to write articles on their blog with no traffic? So, to keep our blog live for a long period of time you need a decent amount of traffic and people who can read your blog. In this article, you gonna get tips on how to get traffic on your blog.

How to get traffic on your blog

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast?

There are many ways to get traffic on your blog, but the following are one of the best and reliable ways to follow.

1. Reciprocal Links

Many people think reciprocal links will harm them because giving links to our competitors is always dangerous for us. But indeed it’s not true, first of all, giving links to fellow bloggers would generate you good relations and love from them, but keep in mind while giving reciprocal links you should give relevant keywords because it will be loved by search engines.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best but harder ways to drive traffic towards the blog. You will notice that I said it is harder because writing article takes time and there is no guarantee that will your articles be published or not, but once it’s published it’s a great benefit for you from both aspects (Traffic and High Rankings in Search Engines). One more thing, once you will become popular write your articles will be accepted more frequently and also be given more importance.

3. Commenting and Discussion on other Blogs

I know most of you guys know commenting on other blogs, but many people take it in bad thought. Once you though to comment or to take part in any discussion then prove yourself to others that you really mean what you say. In this way, people would like to learn more about you and they will surely check out your site or blog. So, whenever you took part in discussion make sure you are subscribed to new replies and take full part. Other than commenting on blogs you can also take part in a discussion in forms, it will bring you instant traffic and same rules applies to the forum discussion that takes full part in the discussion.
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I know at the initial stages blogging is really hard, but If you show full dedication successful will surely come to you one day. So, don’t lose your self-confidence. These were tips on how to get traffic to your website fast.

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