4 Bad Link Building Strategies That Can Penalize Your Website

  Link building is a process by which we can get high rankings in search engines. But as per changing trends, some of the bad link building strategies which were once considered to be great have outdated and moreover can get you penalized if practiced. Bad Link Building Strategies 2019 Here are 4 of these link building strategies that you must avoid in order to maintain your rankings in search engines: 1. Link Exchanges Bloggers like me no longer recommend practicing link exchanges. Link exchanges can often appear to be spammy to search engines if the links aren’t from a similar niche. Instead of Link exchanges, we can write give out links legally by creating a post reviewing the site to be linked. This not only makes your links legitimate but moreover, adds value for your readers too. Read more: What is link exchange in SEO? 2. Unnecessary blog commenting Commenting unnecessarily for links may not get you the benefit you are seeking for but this might lower your value in the eyes of p

Google Penalty Recovery - A Case Study

 Suppose you are a rapidly growing blogger and your blog is gaining traffic sharply. Imagine you are an honest blogger and always creates original and helpful content for users instead of misguiding them by posting spamming content.

You worked hard in getting quality ethical backlinks by writing guest articles. Your traffic rank is increasing at a rate of 300% per month. These all are signs of success. But what happens one day when you observe that traffic on your website becomes 5% only.

It will give you a high voltage current shock and when you observe the SERP of your website then you will find that your website is nowhere in Google search and you can only see it after typing full website address i.e. YOURDOMAIN.COM.

Google webmaster penalty recovery

Unable to understand what happened? I will tell you in simple words.

Your website/blog has been penalized by Google Webmaster and the future of your website is now totally uncertain.

Possible Symptoms of Google Penalty

  • Google search engine traffic becomes zero
  • Keywords are disappeared from Google Webmaster dashboard
  • Suppose your website is EXAMPLE.COM and when you search EXAMPLE only in Google search then it will not show result from your website
  • Searching EXAMPLE.COM gives only the main domain URL in the result and not an internal link.
Friends same thing happened with one of my blog HOMEOLOGY.INFO before two months! And I became very disappointed due to it.

What I had never done against Google Webmaster

I am a serious blogger and I always take care of SEO and Google Webmaster guideline.
  • I always take care of duplicate content on my blog
  • I always give nofollow to affiliate links
  • I always nofollow to redirect links
  • I never do keyword stuffing
  • I never do link stuffing
  • I never do backlink spamming

Possible reasons for Google penalty on my blog

  • I was not aware of post formatting
  • To maintain my blog niche I have deleted more than 100 irrelevant health article existed on my blog because I started my blog as an herbal medicine guide but later I changed my mood and I switched it to the tech blog. So due to deletion of so many articles there appeared measurable 404 errors and I did not handle these errors.
  • My previous Web Hosting was performing poorly and as a result, my blog was marked very much slow in Google Webmaster status.

What I did to get my Blog back in Google

  • I surveyed Google penalization histories on the internet and checked what I should do to remove this penalty. I checked my domain with an online tool SEO Moves which tells about the penalty intensity and I found it a severe penalty ( not an official tool ).
  • I logged in my Google Webmaster account and dropped a reconsideration email to it and told them about the innocence of my blog and the value of my blog.
  • I handled 404 errors with robots.txt
  • Though I had no courage to write on this blog now so I left writing articles on it and started to manage my new blog ( DEVILMUSTCRY.COM)

What happened then

I would regularly check SERP of my blog and I found no improvement. After one month I got an email from Google Webmaster and they wrote that they had processed my reconsideration request but they did not clearly say what they did with my blog penalty. I checked my blog in SERP but I found no improvement and I think the penalty was continued or it might be possible that Google was taking time in processing my penalty removal.

IMAGE URL: http://imgur.com/KAzbL.png

Just after one more month i.e. 21st December 2010 when I checked SERP of my blog I found that my blog is performing well. I further checked my blog with SEO Moves tool and it also checked my blog penalty free.

I am lucky that my blog has recovered the penalty in a short time because it is totally uncertain after how much time your blog will return after penalization.

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