4 Bad Link Building Strategies That Can Penalize Your Website

  Link building is a process by which we can get high rankings in search engines. But as per changing trends, some of the bad link building strategies which were once considered to be great have outdated and moreover can get you penalized if practiced. Bad Link Building Strategies 2019 Here are 4 of these link building strategies that you must avoid in order to maintain your rankings in search engines: 1. Link Exchanges Bloggers like me no longer recommend practicing link exchanges. Link exchanges can often appear to be spammy to search engines if the links aren’t from a similar niche. Instead of Link exchanges, we can write give out links legally by creating a post reviewing the site to be linked. This not only makes your links legitimate but moreover, adds value for your readers too. Read more: What is link exchange in SEO? 2. Unnecessary blog commenting Commenting unnecessarily for links may not get you the benefit you are seeking for but this might lower your value in the eyes of p

How Reciprocal Link Exchange Affects Your Blog SEO?

 Reciprocal link exchanges have been popular among bloggers for quite some time. And it is seen that bloggers are intensively participating in link exchanges. Well, this post will discuss link exchange inside out. We will be discussing what is link exchange in SEO?, Why are they done? and Is it good to practice it?

What is reciprocal link exchange

What are link exchanges?

Well, reciprocal link exchange can be described as a situation when two sites give links to each other. That means If you give me a backlink then I will do the same for you. New Bloggers often seek a way to get backlinks fast and tend to resort to link exchanges. Link exchanges can be done in many ways like asking for them on forums like Digitalpoint or emailing other bloggers with some text like:
Hey, cool blog wanna exchange links?

Why are links exchanged?

Reciprocal link exchanges, as you would have understood, are a great way to gain fast quality backlinks. It takes much less effort and time rather than blog commenting and directory submission.
As backlinks are necessary for upgrading PageRank/Domain Authority/Page Authority, this can be assumed to be a great method to shoot up page ranks and spice up your search engine rankings. This allures bloggers to do it and that too very intensively.

So is it good for us? Or does it have any negative effects too?

Effects of Link Exchanges

The bad news is that reciprocal link exchanges have the potential to get your website/blog banned. Moreover, link exchanges tend to deteriorate your reputation among your readers, other bloggers, and Google.

Well, the link might just send a reader or two to your site but what keeps them stay is the informative content and content which comes to their help.

Google loves links but only those links which come naturally to your blog because of maybe great content or something unique. Moreover, Link exchange does not guarantee links from a valuable site. It's just that you are getting it for without any work so you keep it. It's just like buying friends.
As far as the search engine market is considered, Google holds about 70% of it and it will not have a nice impact on your blog on Google if you indulge in such linking schemes.

Moreover, Link exchanges violate the AdSense terms and conditions so if you do practice link exchanges, forget about making profits via AdSense.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to avoid link exchanges and if you do do not exceed the tolerance limit.

How to get links that Google will appreciate?

Well, this is a nice question that I asked myself too after figuring the ill effects of link exchange. Though I have never indulged into link exchanges.
As the internet evolved, Social media sites like Digg, Stumble upon, facebook and twitter originated. And now these are a great source of backlinks and a powerful way to improve your search engine rankings.

As per Google’s new indexing system Caffeine, social media will be crawled by Google crawlers. This system crawls the internet at smaller intervals and hence display fresh content from around the web including social media websites.

Hence, we can conclude that link exchanges are the things of the past and should not be practiced at all. However, the use of social media for publicizing your content and building up readership and page rank is recommended.

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