What is Keyword Stuffing and How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

 Keyword stuffing was once used by bloggers to get high search engine rankings for the desired keywords, this didn’t work out well as Search Engines soon found this trick and started to penalize websites practicing this dirty trick.

what is keyword stuffing

What is keyword stuffing?

If you are still confused that “What the heck is he talking about” then I would like to give you a bit preface on keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is basically placing a lot of keywords i.e. spamming keywords in your content so that Search Engines think that your content holds great value for the targeted keywords.

But not to our surprise, Search engines like Google soon found this out and started considering this practice as a Blackhat and if you do practice it, you can get penalized too!

Now that you have some insights on keyword stuffing or keyword spamming, I think its time to let you know how are you practicing it unknowingly.
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Don’t do it! Ah! You did it!

Many bloggers think that including a TAG CLOUD in your sidebar or somewhere will help their readers get an idea about “What are the topics that are hot on your blog ?”, this is an obvious way of thinking and I had a similar mindset. But this thought of mine changed when I came to know what Matt Cutts had to say on this.

Yes, having a tag cloud on your blog can get you penalized in search engines. Placing a lot of keywords in one place, what do you think search engines wouldn’t find it a bit fishy?

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Well, the suggestion would be to shortlist your keywords and let the most popular keywords stay. If you are not getting any help with your tag cloud, then consider it removed altogether.

Now what I would have done is limit the number of tags present at my site and just keep the ones that I use often and which are most relevant to my content.

Another thing that you can do is Add Nofollow attribute to your tags. This way they can prove to be helpful to your readers as well as save your blog from getting penalized.

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