4 Bad Link Building Strategies That Can Penalize Your Website

  Link building is a process by which we can get high rankings in search engines. But as per changing trends, some of the bad link building strategies which were once considered to be great have outdated and moreover can get you penalized if practiced. Bad Link Building Strategies 2019 Here are 4 of these link building strategies that you must avoid in order to maintain your rankings in search engines: 1. Link Exchanges Bloggers like me no longer recommend practicing link exchanges. Link exchanges can often appear to be spammy to search engines if the links aren’t from a similar niche. Instead of Link exchanges, we can write give out links legally by creating a post reviewing the site to be linked. This not only makes your links legitimate but moreover, adds value for your readers too. Read more: What is link exchange in SEO? 2. Unnecessary blog commenting Commenting unnecessarily for links may not get you the benefit you are seeking for but this might lower your value in the eyes of p

5 Effective White Hat SEO Tips That Really Works

 White Hat SEO is the best way to gain good rankings for your content. Well, I have been learning about Blackhat stuff for about 6 months and have gained a lot of experience in it. The one thing that I noticed is that black hat SEO can get you instant results but in the long run it is really not recommended to get your hands on it.

The idea behind White Hat SEO is to optimize your content for both Search Engines and readers. It takes time to implement and get results from White Hat SEO but the results are worth all the effort.

White Hat SEO Tips

5 White Hat SEO Tips

Here, we would be discussing some white hat methods that really work out for getting ranking on search engines like google.

White Hat Link Building Strategies

1. Internal Linking

Internal linking has become quite popular among new bloggers and almost all bloggers are practicing this great tip to facilitate easy navigation for Google crawlers.

2. Forum Posting

Sign up for dofollow forums related to your niche and be regular, this not only helps you gain popularity as an expert in your niche and besides that you would be able to drop a link back to your site wherever possible.

Moreover, you can add a link back to your site in your signature. This will help you gain some more links to your blog.

3. Directory Submissions

Directory submission is a well-renowned way to build up links to your blog. It can get you strong backlinks from high PR pages.

Content Management Techniques

4. Content Creation

You need to make sure that your content is optimized for both your readers and for the search engines. Try to keep your keyword density up to 3-4% exceeding it can have a negative impact on your rankings.

You need to remember that you need to first optimize your content for your readers. You can do it by formatting your posts to make it more readable for them. Moreover, try adding useful links that can help to add knowledge of your readers.

5. Article Marketing/Guest Blogging

Article Marketing is a well-known option for both creating your identity as an author and building inbound links to your blog.

Guest blogging is a relatively new concept and proves to be more effective than article marketing. Guest blogging helps you to create your identity as a blogger while creating strong backlinks.

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